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Воскалев Александр, менеджер
на Флагма с 23 августа 2017

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The Ukrainian manufacturer is looking for sales representatives, sales agents. We manufacture and export the following products:
- Wheat flour of the highest grade, packing in polypropylene bags of 25/50 kg;
- Wheat flour of the 1st grade, packing in polypropylene bags of 25/50 kg;
- Macaroni, pasta, packing polyethylene by 0.5, 0.9, 1 and 5 kg. as well as polyethylene bags of 10 and 20 kg.
It is possible to apply the buyer's logo to the package (Private Label).
Products of high quality, manufactured in accordance with the requirements of Ukrainian quality standards.
Responsibilities: Independent search of new customers in different countries of the world (Internet, phone, social network, etc.). Negotiations with potential buyers. Signing a direct contract between us and the buyer.
Working conditions: Free schedule, part-time, remote / distance work.
We do not limit sales to any territory or country. You can sell to any country in the world.
Does not matter your gender, age, nationality, education.
Payment: commission based on the results of real contracts and sales.
Contact us through a private message for more information.

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