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Worker in Budapest

I am looking for a job in Budapest, part time
Kabdrakhmanov Aytore Maratovich
Kabdrakhmanov Aytore Maratovich 19 years old, Budapest, secondary education

No work experience


English - intermediate, Russian - fluent, Kazakh - fluent

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For the attention of HR department,
I am studying Foundation Courses in Eotvos Lorand University in Budapest, where I want apply to a Bachelor Degree in Finance and Accounting. I am having an interest in Customer Service, which I learned through careers website. Consequently, I am applying for this position.
I am especially ready to work for your company because the company’s values and beliefs and its record for nurturing leadership skills, teamwork skills and excellence, resonate with my own professional ideals and ambitious. During my studies I have permanently worked to obtain and improve my skills in the core areas of teamwork, time management and communication attention to detail, and working to strict deadlines. I pride of myself on my ability to work efficiently under demanding conditions. In my work experience, I have paid particular attention to the fields of accounting, controlling, and taxation. I believe that my skills and personal experience for excellence can greatly increase your company's already impressive performance.
My long-term career aim is to continue to learn and develop my skills and abilities, whereas take advantage of my experience, knowledge and skills in order to improve personal and company's work performance.
I strongly believe that my previous years of experience as a Tax assistant in my country have helped me to build up all of those skills needed to keep administrative processes running smoothly. I had experience in the field of analyst and management in international company ‘’TOO Anipa’’, in the position of accounting assistant, further the main responsibilities of my position focused on analysing financial statement of the company, management and preparation of forms and methods of accounting and tax accounting in the enterprise.
I am firmly convinced, that potential position in such developed company will open new professional horizons, because I suppose that it would reveal my personal skills and professional experience.
If there is anything further I can clarify or add in support of this application, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. If you need any further details, I may be reached at the contact information above. I look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards.

Aitore Kabdrakhman

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