Sells food wheat
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Sells food wheat

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Условия поставки: CPT Будапешт
Petrovs Aleksandrs Aleksandra dels
,  Рига, LV
на Флагма с 3 февраля 2020


Grain - wheat, corn, barley, militan, oats, rye Grain

Price on demand

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Grain - wheat, corn, barley, millet, oats, rye in bulk, we sell from Ukraine with delivery to your country.
Moisture 12, gluten 24, weediness 0.5, 0.4, and up to 2
Moisture up to 14.5, weed up to 2.5.
Quality is better, we are ready to offer. Years 2017, 2018, 2019. You can buy grain from us with delivery in large volumes. We will make a reservation about the price.

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,  Рига, LV
на Флагма с 3 февраля 2020

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